Villas for Sale in Lake View Cairo for Future Investors

Lake view residence is a Mediterranean-style residential complex built with a state of art city plan. Having a resort style area with lush tropical vegetation and magnificent landscape bound together with elements the area gives you a unique characteristic. The residence will offer you an enticing experience in that from the moment you’ll walk through the gate you’ll be welcomed by a waterfall and a feel of relaxation atmosphere. Having said that here are villas that are up for sale

StandAlone villa

This villa has its building covering area coverage of about five hundred and fifty meters, and its plot area measures about a thousand and fifty meters. The villa also has walkout basement where you’ll find three reception areas. It is from these reception areas where you’ll be able to book for a master bedroom which has a guest toilet and an American kitchen. While on its first floor you’ll find five reception pieces, bedroom, kitchen and a bathroom. On the second floor, there are two bedrooms with shared bathroom and a master bedroom of fully finished dressing.

The 5th settlement villa in Cairo city

The 5th settlement villa is another villa for sale in lake view Cairo.It has a fantastic design with a land area measuring about one thousand eight hundred square meters. The building covers area coverage of one thousand one hundred square meters. This villa has six fully furnished bedrooms, five living rooms, and eight bathrooms. You can also find a gym, sauna, and heated pool.

5th settlement villa in Lake View Tagamoa

The villa has a land area covering about eight hundred and fifty square meters. The build occupies six hundred and fifty square meters of land area. It is a fully furnished villa with five bedrooms and five bathrooms. It is located in an excellent location and has a beautiful garden.

Villa 520m cash prime location

The villa is situated in prime location area in new Cairo city. It covers a land area of six hundred meters. It has fully furnished five bedrooms and four bathrooms. Also, this villa has a balcony, parking lot, security, maid services and shared pool and gym.

Villa900m prime location

The villa900m Prime location settles on a land area of nine hundred square meters. It has fully furnished four bedrooms and four bathrooms. As you live in it, you’ll enjoy its central heating system, shared pool, spa and a kitchen with appliances

StandAlone 650m villa in Cairo city

This villa covers a land area of six hundred and fifty square meters. It has fully furnished four bedrooms and well designed four bathrooms. You can have your pet with you as you settle in it for they are also allowed. The villa provides you with a parking lot, shared spa and gym, maid service, balcony and a private garden. It also has enough security thus you need not worry of that.


The above are some of the villas that are up for sale in lake view Cairo. For that, if you’re looking for a villa to buy I’ll recommend you consider visiting Lakeview residence in Cairo where you’ll find luxurious villas with fantastic views at reasonable prices.

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